Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HORMEL REV Wraps Review

We as parents are always looking for snacks that are healthy and satisfying. Especially for teens who have a huge appetite and sweet and salty snacks are just not fulfilling. Well I feel that HORMEL has answered that call! HORMEL has a new snack for teens call HORMEL REV Wraps that is made with real meat, real cheese, and provides your teen with real energy! This sounds real good to me!


I am a #BzzAgent and I was given the opportunity to try out this new wrap. I was mailed some coupons to purchase the wrap of my choice. Each wrap is in its own individual package and they are also numbered and colored for your convenience. These are the different wraps that HORMEL come in.

#1 Pepperoni Pizza 
#2 Ham and Cheese 
#3 Peppered Turkey
 #4 Meat Lovers Pizza 
#5 Italian Style Ham 
#6 Hot Pepper Ham 

I tried #3 Peppered Turkey and the wrap is quite a nice size. It is already wrapped for you in the package so you do not have to put it together and wrap it yourself. You can pop it in the microwave for about 15 seconds to get it at a desired temperature that is comfortable for you or your teen. This HORMEL REV Wrap is 18g of protein which is a great way to get some protein into my teen who is always on the go. He enjoyed it! Now that is a plus for me because I have a very picky eater even at his age! This is a great snack for on the go and can be paired with your favorite beverage of choice. My teen has also used this wrap for breakfast when we are having a hectic morning and need to rush out the door!  HORMEL has hit a home-run with this great snack alternative for teens! Parents, you're gonna love this snack and so will your teen! Find HORMEL REV Wraps in your cold cuts isle at your local supermarket.

*Disclaimer:  I am a BzzAgent and I was given coupons for my teen and me try this product. Opinions are my own!