Monday, November 10, 2014

Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Setter Review

We as women take pride in having a great hair day so the products and tools that we use are so essential in us creating that awesome look! When I was chosen as one of *Remington's First Look product testers, I was more than willing to jump at the chance because I love their products! The product that caught my attention that I really wanted to try was the T|Studio Pink Silk Setter. There are 20 separate rollers that you place on the steel burners that are in the storage case. The curlers are black with velvet and they have hot pink clips to hold your hair in place.

Now we really don't have a lot of time in the mornings to spend on our hair if we are pressed for time! So the Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Setter is perfect to get that perfect curl in minutes instead of sleeping in rollers all night.  When you wake up, just plug into a standard wall socket and as per the instructions, it takes 90 seconds to heat up but for maximum curl, let it heat between 3-5 minutes and boy does it get hot! Be careful as will any tool that is heated and keep away from curious children! Once it has fully heated, roll your hair in desired style and place on your makeup or get dressed. If you want a looser curl, leave the rollers in for a short time, for a tighter curl, leave in longer. After the desired time has passed, remove the curlers and you have a great curl and style you hair the way you want! Just that simple! An easy, fast way to obtain a curl without all of the hassle. I have long, thick hair and it curled my hair beautifully! I was really impressed! So if you are in the market for a fast and easy way to save some time curling your hair, I would suggest you looking into purchasing Remington's T|Studio Pink Silk Setter! You won't be disappointed!

*I am a Remington First Look participant and was given this product to review. All opinions are strictly my own!