Monday, September 22, 2014

Birchblogger Marcelle Colour Cosmetic Review

I had the pleasure of receiving some *Marcelle Colour Cosmetics for review. Marcelle is a cosmetic company that is based in Canada and her products are made in Canada. She not only has color cosmetics, she also has skin care products. Her products are hypo-allergenic and perfume free. Here are some pictures of the items that I received.

I received the Marcelle Innovation BB Cream for all skin types, the Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara, the Marcelle Monochromatic Bronzer, and the Marcelle Lux Gloss Creme in the color (40) Angel. Let me just say that I loved each one of these products! At first, I was a little concerned about the BB Creme and Bronzer matching my skin tone because it is so hard to find these products for my particular skin tone but I did not have to worry at all! The first product that I am going to talk about is the Marcelle Innovation BB Creme.

Marcelle Innovation BB Cream Golden Glow

This BB Cream went on smooth with my flat foundation brush and I used a primer underneath. The coverage was smooth and it just seemed to melt into my skin! The product says that it is for all skin types, is hypo-allergenic, and offers 8 in 1 multiple benefits like:

1. Providing a healthy glow with the right illumination
2. Evens out skin tone
3. Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits
4.Protects from premature aging and environmental stresses
5. Promotes skin regeneration
6. Soothes and calms
7. Reduces the appearance of imperfection
8. Controls shine

 I am sold because it matched my skin tone perfectly! The product also says that it is a skin enhancer and can replace some products like a lightweight moisturizer, tinted corrector, and a make-up base. I chose to wear a face primer because it is just simple a habit of mine but it did not take away from the benefits of the product. I have combination skin and am oily in my T-zone and usually by the afternoon, I am looking like a grease ball! But when I checked on my face that afternoon, I did not have to use any of my oil blotting sheets! I was thankful for that! This will be a BB Cream that I will continue using. The next product I had the pleasure of trying is the Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara.

Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara
I love big, long lashes! I do not like when I wear a mascara and by the end of the day I see flakes of my mascara underneath my eye! I like a mascara to lengthen my lashes to enhance the appearance of my eyes. I got this with this mascara! The brush was not too big and just the right size for me to get my small bottom eyelashes. It did not clump on my lashes and cover each lash nicely. This mascara made my eyes pop and I loved it! It didn't make my lashes feel too heavy but it did add more curl to my lashes which already have a natural curl. I will continue to use this mascara! The next item that I had the pleasure of evaluating is the Marcelle Monocromatic Bronzer.

Marcelle Monocromatic Bronzer
This bronzer complimented my skin tone perfectly! It has a matte finish and I used it all over my face to give it a natural radiance. This product says that it evens out skin tone and absorbs excess sebum (oil). Again, like the BB Creme, I did not notice a shine at all at the end of the day and my face just as well put on when I did it that morning. Last but certainly not least my last product that I had the pleasure of evaluating is the Marcelle Lux Lip Gloss Creme in the color Angel (40).

Marcelle Lux Gloss in the color Angel
I love lip gloss!All colors and all types of shine! It just puts the finishing touches to a nice make-up look! This gloss was not too bright but you did notice that it was there! The brush glided on my lips smoothly adding a touch of light pink shine that lasted pretty much all day! Even through drinking cups of water I did not reapply once and I still had shine! This would be a great everyday gloss or to use it to add shine to a matte pink color! Another product that I will continue using! Here is a photo of me with each of the products on with some added eyeshadow that is not a Marcelle product.

With evaluating all of these products, I was extremely satisfied with each item and loved each one so much that I will be purchasing more of Marcelle cosmetics in the future! Thank you Birchblogger and Marcelle Cosmetics for allowing me to evaluating some great products. If you would like to become a Birchblogger please sign up at Please also follow them at Birchbox on Facebook and Twitter. Also, please follow Marcelle on Twitter at @MarcelleTweets and visit her website at for more of her amazing products!

*Disclaimer:  I am a Birchblogger and I received these products for free to evaluate. All opinions are clearly my own!