Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dead Sea Mud Mask by InstaNatural

I love a good weekly facial! But sometimes I don't have the time or the funds to go get a professional facial although it would be nice sometimes. No matter what age you are, keeping your skin exfoliated, clean, and moisturized is a must! With my facial skin being dry in some areas, oily in my T-zones, and large pores, I need a product that is going to make my face look radiant! I love trying new products so I was super ecstatic to try out the 100% Natural Mineral-Infused Dead Sea Mud Mask Holistic Detoxifier and Purifier for radiant, refined skin by InstaNatural!

InstaNatural 100% Natural Mineral-Infused Dead Sea Mud Mask Holistic Detoxifier & Purifier for Radiant, Refined Skin

According to their website, "InstaNatural is a leading online and global distributor of more than a dozen nature inspired beauty and cosmetics products. Our products are one of the top sellers on Amazon and can also be found in leading spas, salons and aesthetic centers in the US, as well as internationally in UAE, UK and Canada (coming soon). We are constantly in search of wonderful natural and organic ingredients from the around the globe, so we can bring you the absolute best products, no matter the cost. In addition, we strongly believe in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated. This is why our lifetime satisfaction guarantee and our customer service is unlike any other company in the industry."

The Dead Sea Mud Mask is a detoxifier and a purifier that pulls impurities from the skin like excess oil and dirt to reveal glowing skin. It is great to expunge acne, pimples and blackheads. It also helps to restore an even skin tone for a smoother complexion. When used as a body treatment, the mud mask can soothe and relieve muscles aches and pains but I just used it on my face. In opening the jar, it does look mud and did not have a smell to me at all. As per the directions. you put on a thin layer (watching out for the eyes and lip area) and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. As the mud mask dried, my skin got really tight! That sort of let me know that it was working on drawing out those nasty impurities! After it dried, I took some warm water and a clean washcloth and used circular motion to remove the mud mask from my skin. It was fairly easy to remove and I just patted my skin dry. My skin felt soft and looked radiant! I put my usual moisturizer on because with any cleanser, you need to moisturize. You are only required to use this product once a week and it states that on the jar. I set aside one day a week as my "me time" spa day where I just pamper myself and this product has been added to my regimen! As with any product, too much can cause problems so once a week is more than sufficient to use this product. This product did not break-out my skin or irritated my skin at all. This would be a great product to use in your at home spa regimen for your "me time" or with your girls!

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